The Look of Love

As a child advocate involved in Kinship Care and Adoptions, I am always seeking resources available to families and the children who are placed with them. Often, the children are placed with very little personal belongings and some come from out of state. When children are placed with family members, those family members very often are unable to seek financial resources that are available to those that are licensed foster placements, placing financial burden on the families providing care. Families do their best to meet basic needs of the children but resources such as The Look of Love help these families tremendously. Having a simple haircut or a protective hairstyle, especially for those children with textured hair, requires an experienced salon and having a resource that can assist with the financial cost of the expense helps to take some financial pressure off of families. The Look of Love assisted a family I was working with and the teenage girl had been unable to locate a salon with knowledge on how to work with her textured hair and the cost was more than her grandmother could afford ($250). Thanks to The Look of Love, this child was beaming with confidence when she left the salon and she couldn’t wait to return to school and have her hair done for her driving permit picture. Being able to have her hair done gave this young girl a boost of confidence and self worth. The Look of Love was prompt in their response, had knowledge on children placed in foster care, and the salon staff were professional and courteous. I am very grateful with the services they provided this family and will absolutely refer additional families in need to them.
— Jamie M., Kinship Care and Adoptions, Southwest Human Development

Thank you for your selfless giving back to our community. It’s people like you that make Arizona a beautiful place to live.

Thank you so much. The free cuts are such a blessing!
— Bryan D., Group Home Manager

May God continue to bless your efforts to help children.
— Sr. Kathleen McCuistion, CSJ, CA

You are passionate and determined. I have seen people that are determined about bad ideas. But THIS is a truly great idea!
— Eric Schmeltzer, Winning Progressive, CA

Thanks so much for such a meaningful & awesome effort.
— Chanieka W., Group Home Staff