The Look of Love

Celebrating One Year of Service To Our Communities!

Niya ParksComment

Today, July 16, 2019, The Look of Love proudly celebrates our One Year Anniversary of sponsoring FREE haircare and salon services to children and youth in need and providing free training and consultations to caregivers and managers of group homes. With nearly 75 free services provided to youth and their caregivers, we continue to make a positive impact for the youth of our communities and look forward to extending our services and support to a greater number of children and youth in the years to come.

To our salon partners, our volunteers, those that pray for the success of our ministry, and to those who give financially, your generous support on this day and every day allows The Look of Love to fulfill our mission and continue our good work. Thank you for your partnership!

The Look of Love is a new nonprofit organization that specializes in providing FREE, ongoing, multicultural, haircare and salon services for abused and neglected children in the foster care system, and homeless youth in search of employment. We also provide free training and consultations to caregivers of children in the foster care system.

To learn more about The Look of Love and how you can join us in our efforts to support more children, youth, and foster families in need, please drop us a note or give us a call at 866-909-6066.

The Look of Love is an affiliate of Mission Create 501(c)(3). Donations made to The Look of Love are considered by the IRS as charitable contributions.

Thank you to the proud supporters of our community’s youth!!

To learn more about The Look of Love and our history, please visit an article that was recently featured on and click the link and post below to listen to our recent interview that was featured on KJZZ, NPR, and Frontera Radio!